Understanding Teletubby Talk

Who'd have thought that so much time and effort could go into discussing the words Eh-oh! and Big Hug But Teletubbies was so popular with children when it launched that parents and educators were concerned to know whether the show was breeding bad habits.

Teletubby speech is based on the first words of children aged one year to eighteen months - click to hear some!

Teletubbies love to say Eh-oh! Children know it means 'hello'
Teletubbies love to do things again and again and again

Teletubbies very often hug each other. They hug because they like to!

Ten years on, experience and research have taught us that the Teletubbies' play-language performs an important role in helping children develop their speech. Rather than simply mimicking the Teletubbies, children are encouraged to join in and play games with words. For children of all abilities, Teletubby language is about learning to communicate with confidence.